Plants dark green. Some trees are much taller than the others. Shrubs intensely aromatic and colorful fragrant flowers are everywhere I see. Like the stars in the sky. Their various scents concocting in the air in these dense woods is making me forget everything except the good. Streams of water sing as they strike the logs while bathing the nearby low hanging leaves. The greenery rots, snails gather, and I just witnessed a beautiful ladybug dancing through the air. Pungent decomposition complemented with herbaceous new plant growth gives the already sweet breathtaking air even more depth. While the birds seem so happy as they eat and drop mysterious juicy fruits on the ground, I become happier still. Astonished and lost in my thoughts, but somewhere from far away a strong smoldering smoky aroma is calling my attention. Where am I, I don't know. However, I would like to stay here with all this creation forever.
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