Laudable Nadi's purpose is to bring you extremely pleasant scents to cover yourself in. So you can feel good and make others feel good around you. We are committed to not only make great smelling perfumes but ones that are also better suited to the humankind. We ensure that by only using the highest quality ingredients that are sourced from all around the world. Ingredients that are safe and are ethical. We also use skin loving carrier oils in all our perfumes and keep our perfumes alcohol free.
Our promise is also to stay away from endangered species in pursuit of making fine perfumes. Moreover, we don't want to rely on doubtful and expensive materials. Because it might be that they come to us through illegal or immoral ways. Rather we would like to invest in research and knowledge. We believe that the world is abundant. Therefore, our quest is to invent other sound ways to achieve our goals. We want to discover the secret formulas and unknown and underrated ingredients. Then use them in innovative ways to make our perfumes highly valuable and spectacular.
The bottom line is we want to win with love. We pledge to bring extraordinary perfumes in this world and make them available to the masses. Because perfumes are more than just smelling good. It's about caring for others :)