Laudable Nadi's purpose is to bring you wide range of interesting niche scents. Innovative and hand-crafted with love, they contain raw materials from around the world. Some perfumes are dark and polarizing, others less intense, sweet and easy to wear. Yet all are inspiring and complex luxurious concoctions with diverse notes and unique ratios. We want to take new approaches and really thrive on creativity and artistic expression rather than basing our perfumes on the market trends. Our fragrances are also oil based and alcohol free!
As an artisan perfume brand, we work small scale in small batches with finest quality ingredients. We use a lot of essential oils and base notes for more natural, richer, and longer lasting scents and prioritize the juice over fancy bottles, packaging, and marketing. We are a family run small business operating with great efficiency and agility and are in charge of everything from formulating perfumes and acquiring oils to manufacturing and distribution.
In short, we are passionate about bringing beautiful unique perfumes for people who really get excited by something original.