1. Long Lasting
LAUDABLE NADI perfume oils are extremely enduring and tenacious! These lavish perfume oils contain a high amount of valuable base notes. So a single swipe may last all day long on your skin!
2. Heavy Use of Essential Oils
People say essential oils are beneficial in different ways, but we just love the smell of them! Their scent profile is so rich. The resulting blends also smell more natural and captivating and are of higher quality than most designer fragrances that totally rely on synthetic molecules. So we love to include many essential oils or sometimes just base the perfume on a few and round them to perfection!
3. Alcohol Free and Concentrated
​​​​​​​We are committed to not only making great smelling perfumes but ones that are also better suited to humankind. No alcohol or filler materials are included in our perfumes. Unlike watered down mainstream perfumes, they are highly concentrated and oil-based! They dissipate slower due to lack of volatile alcohol. Body heat activates and dissipates them and they bloom over a long time. Perfume oils also moisturize skin and due to missing chemicals and skin drying alcohol could be a safer option for some people.
4. 14 ml Travel-Friendly Rollerballs
Our perfume oils are lightweight, small in size, and easy to carry with accurate easy rollerball application. But don't let the small size fool you, these concentrated perfume oils have around 400 swipes! With 14 ml of concentrated long lasting juice in every bottle and a single swipe lasting all day, they may well last over a year with everyday use! Also they are way below the 100 ml (3.4 oz) limit for travel-sized containers. So take them with you wherever you go!
5. Sustainability & Minimalism
Right from the start we had a passion to stay lean, sustainable, and minimalist! From our perfumes being made with only necessary and sustainable materials to avoiding fancy bottles and finding the most compact and recyclable packaging to our website being filled with whitespace and simplistic elegance and minimal social media and marketing are all part of an effort to carefully use our resources. We don't want to disturb the balance. Less is more!
6. Exclusivity
Our niche somewhat polarizing perfume oils are a sure way to own something different that others don't have. Our original distinctive aromas, small scale setup, limited retail availability, and lack of advertising ensures that other people won't know what you are wearing and where to get it from. Typically you have to pay a premium for exclusivity, but we have managed to keep our creativity and high quality unique scents very reasonably priced!
7. Attractive Pricing
Due to concentrated perfume oil, smaller size saves costs in packaging, storage, and shipping. Alcohol free also means less restrictions and cost savings. Minimalist packaging and marketing also plays a role. We never pay celebrities! Instead we take the natural cost-effectiveness to our advantage and intentionally keep our perfume oils at great prices so that the people can easily blind buy and word of mouth advertising can happen. It's a win-win and we feel it's the right way. We are also firm believers in fair pricing and charging people more is not our way!
8. Cruelty-Free, Ethical, and Innovative
Our promise is to stay away from endangered species and animals in pursuit of making fine perfumes. Moreover, we don't want to rely on doubtful and extremely expensive materials. Because it might be that they come to us through illegal and immoral ways. Rather we would like to invest in research and knowledge. We believe that the world is abundant. Therefore, our quest is to invent other sound ways to achieve our goals. We want to discover the secret formulas and so many unknown and many known underrated ingredients and use them in innovative ways to make our perfumes highly valuable and spectacular.
9. Giving Back
Love, generosity, selflessness, altruism, kindness are all things that we want to associate with. As a start we have decided to donate a tiny amount of each order to some causes. See here for more details on how you are making a difference while enjoying your perfumes!
10. Proudly Crafted in the USA
The long, intimate, and intensive process of crafting great perfumes all happens in the US! Raw materials come from around the world, but making perfume batches, bottling and packaging them is also done in the US.